A majority of grad workers have pledged to vote YES!

The NUGW monogram. The letters N. U. G. W in bold black font, surrounded by a black box. On the left and right sides of the box, there is a space with the Chicago star and a lightning bolt.

More than 1600 graduate workers at Northwestern University have pledged to vote yes in our union election. The MAJORITY of graduate workers at Northwestern are saying a resolute YES TO OUR UNION! We are voting YES because we deserve:   Competitive Pay through Graduation Day Comprehensive Healthcare Support for International Students Professional Standards in Labs…

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Major Update: Election on Jan 10 and 11th!

Big purple letters saying "election on January 10th-11th" next to image of hand putting ballot in voting box.

Our union election will take place on Tuesday January 10th and Wednesday January 11th A supermajority of you signed cards authorizing an election, over a thousand of you have pledged to VOTE YES, and when we come back from Winter Break it will be time to vote! Over the last several weeks, your coworkers on…

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Election FAQ

Election FAQ in big purple letters next to a drawing of a hand putting a ballot in a voting box.

NUGW Union Election Basics We are having an election to ratify our Union and secure our collective power! Come out and Vote YES for NUGW-UE on Jan 10 and Jan 11, 2023! This is our chance to secure our collective power and earn real wins for grad workers! Voting times and locations depend on your…

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Support for International Students

Big purple text reading International Student Support next to a box with a hand putting a voting ballot inside.

Together we sent a powerful message of solidarity and unity by having a supermajority of 2000+ graduate workers sign cards authorizing a union election in under one month! Our colleagues, friends, and coworkers called in a united voice for an election, and we have earned that election. Now every grad worker has a chance to…

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