Crest of NUGW with the words "Northwestern University Graduate Workers" surrounding an icon of an open book with a lightbulb above it.

You can now sign your NUGW-UE union card. Click the link above to authorize an election to form a legally recognized union of graduate workers at Northwestern.

U E Logo inside of the text "The Union for Everyone. Members run this union."

After you become a member, you will be able to vote on major union decisions, attend committee meetings, select a dues payment plan that works for you, and join fellow workers in advancing the welfare of all NU graduate workers and our families.


The Membership Action Team (MAT) is a group of hundreds of grad workers who organize the union’s power on campus!

It shows that the union is not just a few people--it is ALL of us.

Support NUGW through a non-dues donation. Both members and non-members can donate in this way. All donations will be used to fund the operation of NUGW and to support our recognition campaign.

Want to become more involved in NUGW? Most of our work, such as organizing, recruiting, and campaigns, is planned and executed through committees and working groups. Here you will learn about the various working groups and committees in NUGW and how you can contribute to their efforts.

Need to know more? Learn more about your union.