Contract Ratified March 15th!

After years of organizing campus-wide Graduate Workers at Northwestern University have a contract!

Join the Membership Action Team

Join the fight with your colleages and come to Membership Action Team meetings on Wednesdays in TGS Commons at 5pm. Vegan food is provided!

July General Membership Meeting 07-11-2024 5:30pm Tech L211 & on Zoom

By NUGW | July 8, 2024

New General Membership Meeting Structure Main Decision-Making Body for Our Union Monthly 2nd Thurs. on odd months 2nd Wed. on even months Moving to Robert’s Rules Of Order Format Committee Reports Old Business New Business Motions, seconds, etc. Special 7/11 GMM Topic We have an opportunity to get a Referendum on the Evanston 7th Ward…

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6+ Years Workers Funding Update: JOIN THE RALLY!

By NUGW | May 23, 2024
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No Funding for 6+ Years Workers in 13+ Depts! Are You Affected Too?

By NUGW | May 17, 2024

TL;DR: Graduate workers 6th-year and above are being abruptly and unjustly denied all funding to continue their degree. International workers are under threat of deportation within the next few weeks. Fill out this survey if you are affected and join in the fight to stop admin from getting away with this!     Some of…

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Sign our June Raise Petition!

By NUGW | May 8, 2024

Read and Sign Here!

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Contract Ratified!

By NUGW | March 15, 2024

Members have spoken and YOU have a union contract!   Ratification vote results have been fully tallied by OpaVote. Contract is ratified: 1713 Y to 647 N   Prior to 3 PM CT on March 13th, 2,525 Northwestern grad workers signed NUGW-UE Local 1122 member cards. 2360 members cast their vote for a turnout of 93.47% of NUGW-UE Local 1122 membership!…

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Full Tentative Agreement BC Recommendation

By NUGW | February 22, 2024

This is the Bargaining Committee’s first official communication since yesterday’s bargaining session. The Bargaining Committee officially recommends this Tentative Agreement (TA), as outlined below, to members. First, a TL;DR of what’s in our tentative agreement: A guaranteed base stipend of $41,000 starting June 2024, $45,000 starting September 2024 (a 21.8% increase over the current base stipend), and an $1,000 signing bonus immediately upon…

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Feb 01 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | February 2, 2024

Fourteenth Bargaining Session Complete TLDR: ESCALATION WORKS! Our 1000+ strike pledges led to big wins, including 100% dental and 100% vision coverage. Admin continues to lowball us in compensation and support for international workers. But now we are in a better position than ever to put their feet to the fire. All hands on deck!…

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Jan 10 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | January 10, 2024

Thirteenth Bargaining Session Complete TLDR: Admin came back to the table with more unsatisfactory counterproposals and made minimal movement yet again. TAs today.  Despite NU’s lowballing, we are all still committed to settling a contract. In a show of our seriousness, we presented a reasonable counter on compensation, including 48.8k in annual pay, and await…

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Dec 13 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | December 13, 2023

Twelfth Bargaining Session Complete TLDR:  After 55 days of stalling, the Northwestern administration finally presented their “counters” to our economic proposals. The message was clear: disrespect. With 1000+ grad workers taking the wage survey, nearly 100 grad workers packing the hall to the bargaining room in October, and 500+ grad workers rallying for Pay, Power,…

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November 01 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | November 1, 2023

Eleventh Bargaining Session Complete TLDR:  We PACKED  THE HALLS and GOT RESULTS!  FOUR  Tentative Agreements today: Non-Discrimination, Union Security, Management Rights, and No Strike, No Lockout ALL language proposals have been TA’d FULL FOCUS to econ now  Big wins in agency shop and ability to grieve abuse of authority…we deserve and need these protections and…

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October 19 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | October 19, 2023

Tenth Bargaining Session Complete TLDR:  THREE Tentative Agreement today: Discipline & Discharge, Workload, and Labor Management Committee! TWO language proposals left: Union Security and Nondiscrimination Economic proposals have reached the table  Come out to our Speak Out/Scavenger Hunt on Friday (10/20) to speak out about Union Shop, Nondiscrimination, and NU Finances!  Pack the halls for our 11/1…

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October 3 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | October 3, 2023

Ninth Bargaining Session Complete TLDR:  ONE Tentative Agreement today: International Employee Rights! We’re waiting on admin to deliver counters to our articles and information we need. The fall is heating up! Make your voice heard-fill out the wage survey (MEMBERS CHECK YOUR EMAILS!), join walkthroughs, attend walkthrough trainings, and come to the NUGW-UE history session on…

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September 14 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | September 14, 2023

Eighth Bargaining Session Complete! TLDR:  FOUR Tentative Agreements today and ALL language proposals are being actively negotiated! (check them out on the bargaining tracker) We reached a TA on Appointment Notification, giving workers much clearer information about job expectations and responsibilities for TA and RA positions. We continue to fight for a range of employee…

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Aug 30 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | August 30, 2023

Seventh Bargaining Session Complete TLDR: Three Tentative Agreements today, the most we’ve ever had in one session! HUGE win for upper year grad workers in cases of terminated or canceled appointments Admin continues to ignore the inextricable link between our roles as students and employees in our Discipline & Discharge article…and we continue to fight…

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Aug 23 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | August 23, 2023

Sixth Bargaining Session Complete TLDR:  One more Tentative Agreement today, and it’s a BIG one: the Grievance Procedure. Check details in the bargaining tracker. Admin gave us an egregious counter proposal on international worker rights. Give us your testimonies to read at the table next week. Of the 22 articles on the table, we have…

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August 09 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | August 9, 2023

Fifth Bargaining Session Complete! TLDR:  1 more Tentative Agreement today! Check for updates in the bargaining tracker The athletics scandal has exposed Northwestern’s inadequate harassment prevention policies to the national eye. We continued to push for non-discrimination language backed by a grievance procedure to ensure a safer future for graduate workers Open shop outrage: NU…

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July 27 Bargaining Update

By NUGW | August 8, 2023

Fourth Bargaining Session Complete! TLDR:  Two more Tentative Agreements today! Check for updates in the bargaining tracker. Admin questioned the validity of our  democratically elected union in an effort to push back against union shop Admin proposed censoring our ability to have union conversations on “company time” Union Wednesdays begin next week for the whole month of August! Meet before…

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July 3rd Bargaining Update

By NUGW | July 3, 2023

Third day of bargaining complete!  TLDR We reached two () Tentative Agreements today! Check for updates in the bargaining tracker. Admin introduced counter-proposals that would remove protections for discrimination based on race, gender, and other protected classes from our proposed grievance procedure. Hot off the heels of bargaining day , come to our CAT meeting today (at TGS Commons or on zoom) at…

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June 26th Bargaining Update

By NUGW | July 3, 2023

 Second day of bargaining complete!  TLDR We reached two () Tentative Agreements today! Check for updates in the bargaining tracker. Admin introduced counter-proposals that would remove protections for discrimination based on race, gender, and other protected classes from our proposed grievance procedure. Hot off the heels of bargaining day , come to our CAT meeting today (at TGS Commons or on zoom) at…

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A majority of grad workers have pledged to vote YES!

By NUGW | January 2, 2023

More than 1600 graduate workers at Northwestern University have pledged to vote yes in our union election. The MAJORITY of graduate workers at Northwestern are saying a resolute YES TO OUR UNION! We are voting YES because we deserve:   Competitive Pay through Graduation Day Comprehensive Healthcare Support for International Students Professional Standards in Labs…

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