Sign a Digital Member Card!

Deadline May 15th 2024!!*

All RAs, TAs, GAs, and fellows who will receive the full benefits and protections of the contract, must choose to either:

  1. become a member of NUGW-UE Local 1122 and pay dues or,
  2. not become a member, and instead pay an agency fee to the Union.

Dues fund a strong union that can win better wages, benefits, and working conditions. Union dues go directly to NUGW-UE Local 1122 to fund the training, support, materials, staff, and other resources we need to maintain an independent, democratic, rank-and-file union. Union dues are 1.44% of our gross monthly stipend.

Agency fees, which are authorized by federal law, are equivalent to union dues and cover your fair share of supporting our effort to bargain collectively with our employer and improve and defend our working conditions. Non-member fee-payers forego all rights and benefits of union membership.

In order to access membership rights, you must be a dues-paying member of NUGW-UE Local 1122. Such rights include voting in union elections, running for union officer and steward positions, attending General Membership Meetings (GMMs), and participating in the decision-making and democracy of our union. Only union members are eligible to vote.


*If you do not sign up for automatic deductions by May 15th, 2024 you will receive a bill for back dues.

For more information about membership rights, dues, and agency fees, please refer to NUGW-UE Local 1122's Membership and Dues FAQ. Please direct further questions to