What Did We Win?

Competitive Pay

  • $1,000 bonus at time of contract ratification
  • Minimum Stipend of $41,000 effective June ‘24
  • Minimum Stipend of $45,000 effective Sept ‘24
  • Minimum Stipend raise of 3% in subsequent years
  • Raises for workers in Kellogg, DMAs, MMs, and hourly workers
  • Significant increases in TGS childcare grant

Comprehensive Healthcare

  • 100% vision and dental coverage included in NU-SHIP at no extra cost
  • Full coverage of the student health fee for MM and DMA workers in Bienen School of Music
  • Access to adoption assistance and adult/senior care programs

Support of International Workers

  • Guarantees of timely processing of visa, immigration, and tax paperwork
  • Support fund for immigration-related costs ($300,000 for 2024, $270,000 for 2025, and $270,000K for 2026)
  • 5 days time off for visa and immigration related matters and accommodations to work remotely while renewing visas

Professional Standards in Labs and Classrooms

  • Unlimited paid sick days
  • Requests for personal days/vacation shall not be unreasonably denied
  • Limits on mandatory hours worked for positions covered by this contract
  • Appointment Letters outlining responsibilities for positions covered by this contract
  • Improved, enforceable health & safety standards
  • Timely reimbursements of expenses 

Power and Protections in our Workplace

  • Robust and extensive grievance procedure for all violations of the contract
  • Protections against abuses of authority
  • Protection from undue degree withholding
  • The right for representation through union stewards at meetings where an employee can reasonably expect to be disciplined
  • Just cause standard for discipline and dismissal
  • Continued power through agency shop