NUGW-UE Local 1122 Interim Grievance Committee

Members of the Bargaining Committee transitioned into the Interim Grievance Committee (IGC) to train Interim Stewards to begin the work of enforcing the contract while the NUGW-UE Local 1122 Constitution is drafted. Interim Stewards will serve on a voluntary basis until the Stewards Election which will take place once the Local has a Constitution. The Constitution will be drafted by the elected Constitution Committee.



Jade Basinski, Maddie Brucker, Kavi Chintam, Peter Cummings, Jack Hamill, Reem Ibrahim, Lauren Johnson, Cataldo Lamarca, Elisabeth Latawiec, Tom McKenzie-Smith, Summer Pappachen, Jakob Reinke, Adrian Ray-Avalani, Drew Weidner, Ruoxi Zhu


NUGW-UE Local 1122 Constitution Committee

Constitution Committee members will now draft and formally propose a Constitution for NUGW-UE Local 1122. The proposed Constitution will then be ratified by a membership vote. The NUGW-UE Local 1122 Constitution will cover various areas of NUGW-UE Local 1122 operations, including the mission, governing body, procedures, and future election logistics. The Constitution Committee is a collection of 25 members, elected by membership, with seats on the Committee proportional to the number of graduate workers within a given school. The elected members of this Constitution Committee are as follows.


Bienen School of Music:

Kristian Rodriguez 

Feinberg School of Medicine:

Carolynn Gonzalez, Allegra Minor, Brooke Simonton

Kellogg School of Management:

Daniel Cohen

McCormick School of Engineering:

Rachel Daso, Nathan Greiner, Pranav Kaarthik, Cataldo Lamarca, Margaret (Maggie) O'Connell, Heather White

School of Communications:

Molly de Blanc, Caroline Shadle 

School of Education and Social Policy:

Morgan Wu

Weinberg Social Sciences and Humanities:

Vineet Gupta, Emma Kennedy, Jack McGovern, Sarah Nisenson, Kris Rosentel, Mounica Vegi 

Weinberg STEM:

Kristen Beckett, Hannah Eckvahl, Rivaan Kakkaramadam, Andrew Montequin, Adithya Upadhya