Calling all prospective stewards!

We are in the process of activating and training members to be Interim Stewards to serve as advocates for their coworkers through the grievance procedure.

Stewards are the core of our union. Their job is similar to a department organizer– they help lead organizing efforts, and build unity and solidarity within their departments and throughout the union as a whole. They are responsible for ensuring that co-workers know and understand their rights, and enforcing those rights through our contract. After we have a constitution, stewards will be elected. For now, interim stewards will serve on a voluntary basis.

Find an interim steward in your college below:

(If your college does not yet have any stewards you can still be connected with someone from another college)



Jack Hamill - Music


Peter Cummings - Clinical Psychology
Ari Halle - Driskill Graduate Program in Life Sciences (DGP)
Prianka Hashim - Driskill Graduate Program in Life Sciences (DGP)
Madeleine Vessely - Driskill Graduate Program in Life Sciences (DGP)
Reem Ibrahim - Interdepartmental Neuroscience (NUIN)


Stewards Needed, could be you!


Victoria Kindratenko - Biomedical Engineering
Thara Nallamothu - Biomedical Engineering
Kavi Chintam - Chemical and Biological Engineering
AJ Deberghes - Chemical and Biological Engineering
Maddie Joseph - Chemical and Biological Engineering
Matthew Lucia - Chemical and Biological Engineering
Jack O'Donnell-Sloan - Chemical and Biological Engineering
Drew Weidner - Chemical and Biological Engineering
Spencer Aeschliman - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jade Basinski - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maddie Brucker - Computer Science and Learning Sciences
Ruoxi Zhu - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aaron Scheiner - Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics
Divjyot Singh - Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics
Cataldo Lamarca - Materials Science and Engineering
Jakob Reinke - Materials Science and Engineering
Heather White - Mechanical Engineering

School of Communication

Aidan Fitzsimons - Technology and Social Behavior
Will Bixby - Theatre and Drama

School of Education and Social Policy

Naomi Field - Learning Sciences
Sarah Lee - Learning Sciences

Weinberg (SSH)

Emma Kennedy - Art History
Lauren Johnson - English
John Branch - History
Will Kirsch - History
Max Lewontin - History
Hannah Reynolds - History
Adrian Ray-Avalani - Linguistics
Emma Wilkinson - Linguistics
Amanda Fu - Political Science
Jake Goodman-Palmer - Political Science
Katherine Copas - Sociology
Vineet Gupta - Sociology
Kris Rosentel - Sociology

Weinberg (STEM)

Kristen Beckett - Chemistry
Tommy Ie - Chemistry
Elisabeth Latawiec - Chemistry
Haley McAllister - Chemistry
Emma-Rose Newmeyer - Chemistry
Rivaan Kakkaramadam - Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS)
Marie Lamarque - Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS)
Genevieve Nemeth - Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS)
Cale Severude - Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS)
Gracie Siffer - Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBiS)
Parth Bhatnagar - Physics and Astronomy
Tom McKenzie-Smith - Physics and Astronomy