Campaign for Guaranteed Sixth Year Funding

NUGW has won its last three issue campaigns, and now we’re organizing to win guaranteed sixth year funding! This effort takes the form of an ongoing letter writing campaign, which aims to highlight the requirements and job market demands of different programs that make finishing in five years unrealistic, as well as the impact of funding cuts on individuals – particularly international, non-traditional, and historically marginalized student workers. 

For this campaign, each department is writing one letter, which is then being signed by all grads in the department to show support for the call for sixth year funding. The finished letters will be presented to the administration.

Read, sign, and tell your story in your department’s letter if you haven’t already, or, if you don’t see a letter for your department, fill out this form to for more information!

Interdisciplinary PhD in Theatre and Drama
Comparative Literary Studies
Rhetoric and Public Culture
Political Science
Art History

Faculty and Staff Endorsements

The availability of sixth year funding for graduate workers has been thrown into uncertainty by recent austerity measures implemented by the board of trustees and the administration. Limiting funding to the fifth year is out of line with standards in the humanities and social sciences; detrimental to our research and job market preparedness; and damaging to Northwestern’s reputation. Support from our advisers, supervisors, academic staff, and other colleagues who can attest to the shortsightedness of these cuts is greatly appreciated.

Faculty and Staff Endorsement Form